Japan Lumber Journal is an English-language media that provides information on Japan’s timber market, which has a major impact on the global timber market. People who are developing timber business in the Japanese market and who are considering entering the market, as well as overseas associations, government agencies who are looking at the forest products industry from a global perspective are receiving information from the journal. As the role of forests diversifies in future, our mission with the Japan Lumber Journal is to deliver information related to Japanese timber in various ways to people who need it.


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Vol.62 No.4

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Topics from the Latest Issue

Progrance Co., Ltd. (Shinjuku Ward, Tokyo), which operates the construction material search portal site called “Kenzai Navi”, has updated and re-opened “Showroom Navi”, an Internet site in which construction material showrooms throughout Japan can be searched and viewed by photos and VR. The site previously introduced showroom information of construction material manufacturers under the name “Showroom Channel” from 2015, but with the renewal of the site, improvements were made by strengthening the search function such as the map search, introducing showroom related products, distributing information from showrooms, and improving other functions and usability. 

Tokyo Japan Kenzai Association held an online New Year’s party on January 26. Concerning the current situation in which prices of construction materials and lumber in the United States are suddenly increasing, Akinori Ogawa, the president of Japan Kenzai Co., Ltd. mentioned the point that speculative funds have flowed into futures trading in the lumber market and are catching even higher prices, and he pointed out that the price of lumber itself going higher in the last six months has affected the industry.

BC Wood Specialties Group (based in Langley, British Columbia) held an online event, Global Buyers Mission (GBM) Exhibition. The event is a collaboration of the British Columbia Government, the Canadian federal government, and the lumber and wood construction material industries of Canada with the purpose of developing the lumber products market, and it is being held for the 17th time. The exhibition was held regularly held in September in Whistler, British Columbia as an international exhibition for buyers from around the world, but it was postponed in 2020 due to the new coronavirus pandemic and held online in January 2021.