Japan Lumber Journal is an English-language media that provides information on Japan’s timber market, which has a major impact on the global timber market. We help people who are developing timber business in the Japanese market and who are considering entering the market. Overseas associations, government agencies and others who are looking at the forest products industry from a global perspective also receive information from the journal.   As the role of forests diversifies in future, our mission with the Japan Lumber Journal is to deliver information related to Japanese timber in various ways to people who need it.


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The consolidated financial results of Polus Co., Ltd. (Koshigaya City, Saitama Prefecture) showed net sales of 199.5 billion yen (3.2% increase compared to the previous term), operating income of 14.838 billion yen (7.3% increase), and net income of 4.293 billion yen (16.8% increase), the largest ever for all 3 items. In the precut lumber business, the Saga Factory went into actual operations in July of last year, and the production capacity rose, and by streamlining distribution, profits also largely increased.

The Japan Housing and Wood Technology Center recently analyzed the cost of buildings constructed under the CLT panel construction method in 2016 to 2017 and announced the results. For the analysis, 5 buildings were targeted under the CLT panel construction method (floors and walls that used more than a designated amount of CLT) including a single-story, social welfare facility for the elderly with a total floor area of 2,000 m² and an amount of CLT usage of 500 m³ and a two-story apartment building with a total floor area of 200 m² and an amount of CLT usage of 30 m³.

Sponsored by the Japan Institute of Architects and cosponsored by 6 companies of JK Group, the 7th Lumber Utilization Promotion Seminar: New Trends in Wood Construction was held in Tokyo on July 19. Masayoshi Yasuhara of the University of Tokyo and SALHAUS, an architectural company, introduced a wood constructed building for live music using LVL for the roof, a wood constructed Japanese-style inn that was reconstructed using laminated lumber, a bank branch office, and a branch office of JA Bank.