Japan Lumber Journal is an English-language media that provides information on Japan’s timber market, which has a major impact on the global timber market. We help people who are developing timber business in the Japanese market and who are considering entering the market. Overseas associations, government agencies and others who are looking at the forest products industry from a global perspective also receive information from the journal.   As the role of forests diversifies in future, our mission with the Japan Lumber Journal is to deliver information related to Japanese timber in various ways to people who need it.


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Topics from the Latest Issue

The Japan Plywood Manufacturers’ Association held its regular general meeting and board of directors’ meeting on May 22 in Tokyo. After the meetings, a press conference was held, and Atsuhiro Inoue, the chairman of the association, and 4 vice-chairmen spoke about the activities for the business year and answered various questions from the industry press. At the start, Chairman Inoue said, “The government is hoping to use 6.0 million cubic meters of domestic logs for plywood and LVL aiming for a self-sufficiency rate of 50% with a target of 2025.

Within the JK Holdings Group, KEYTEC Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells plywood and LVL, has recently constructed a new plywood factory in Minobu Town, Yamanashi Prefecture. On May 13, the first shipments of plywood that used local lumber material were made. The new factory was constructed on about 74,000 m² of the site of a former automobile parts factory and was equipped with the latest plywood manufacturing line. The new factory acquired the JAS certification for structural plywood on April 19 and plans to manufacture about 68,000 m³ of structural plywood annually. For now, the factory will produce 12, 24, and 28 mm thick plywood with a 3x6 size format.

On May 23 at the Canadian Embassy, the Japan Office of BC Wood held an explanatory meeting for the 16th Annual Global Buyers Mission (GBM), an international trade show, and observation tour. The tour plan combines the trade show GBM, which will be held from September 11 to 13 in Whistler, Canada, and the observation tour, which consists of 3 courses: observation of Mass Timber Construction (large scale wood construction), observation of forest products of Alberta, and observation of lumber and value-added products from British Columbia.