Japan Lumber Journal is an English-language media that provides information on Japan’s timber market, which has a major impact on the global timber market. We help people who are developing timber business in the Japanese market and who are considering entering the market. Overseas associations, government agencies and others who are looking at the forest products industry from a global perspective also receive information from the journal.   As the role of forests diversifies in future, our mission with the Japan Lumber Journal is to deliver information related to Japanese timber in various ways to people who need it.


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Nisshin Co., Ltd. (Sakaiminato City, Tottori Prefecture) recently completed construction of its Mie Factory (Taki Town, Mie Prefecture) and held a ceremony for its completion on March 26. With employees and people involved in the construction and in manufacturing woodworking machinery in attendance, a Shinto ceremony was held from 10:00 with a prayer being made for the safety of the factory.

The budget for fiscal 2018 was approved on March 28. The total amount is 97.7128 trillion yen increasing 0.3% compared to the initial budget of the previous fiscal year. Within the total amount, the amount for the Forestry Agency was 299.7 billion yen (1.4% increase).

With the approval of 15 companies involved in manufacturing large dimension laminated lumber, the Japan Laminated Wood Products Association has been working on the standardization of large dimension laminated lumber and announced the average price on April 10. In the future at the stage when the distribution of standard structural components is decided, the listed price in construction price publications and collected data will be requested.