Since December 2017, Japan Housing News Co., Ltd. has taken over the publishing business of JLJ Inc. and continued the publication of the Japan Lumber Journal, a magazine that provides information about trends in Japanese timber market.

 Japan Housing News has been disseminating variety of information related to housing to local construction companies nationwide through the issuing of the "Japan Housing Newspaper" and others.

 We have taken over the information and knowledge accumulated so far by "Japan Lumber Journal" and are happy to continue to deliver news and information readers find most useful.

Japan Lumber Journal

■Since: August 1960 


Format: A4, 12 pages or more


 Issue Date: 15th and last day of each month (twice a month)


Delivery: PDF sent in email


Delivery: Japan 20% World 80%


Delivery by region:

Asia & Oceania 43%  North America 35% Europe & Russia 17%

South America, Africa, and other areas 5%






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